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I am a registered nurse, and I graduated in 2007 from Mercyhurst Northeast in northern Pennsylvania.  I was quickly hired by the largest hospital in the area, and I began working on a telemetry floor.  However, we took care of many other patients than simply those that needed their heart monitored.  The most common type of patient we had was post open heart surgery patients, but we had a great deal of post gastric bypass, as well.  In general, we took mostly surgical patients, but we also took anyone who needed telemetry.  It was a great place to learn.

At some point, I needed a break, so I moved to the intensive care unit.  I saw a lot of patients there — too many to name — and eventually went back to my old telemetry unit.

In 2010, I decided that I wanted to focus on my life long passion of writing, and once I could support myself, I left nursing for the world of freelance medical writing. I have written for Minority Nurse, Mighty Nurse,, Livestrong, Scrubs magazine, Ausmed Blog, Neuroaid Stroke Blog, and various doctor, clinic, and hospital websites.  I use my nursing knowledge to both help nurses and to educate patients.  It combines both my love of nursing with my passion for writing.

I have written on back pain, stem cell research, endoscopic care for professionals, chronic pain, senior care, ACLS for professionals, patient information sheets, clinical research projects for professionals, vaccines, mental health, issues in nursing, and many other subjects.

I’m very easy to work with and very flexible with my time.  I can do everything from SEO pieces to heavily reported and referenced medical whitepapers.  I’m currently focused on writing features for various news outlets and trade magazines, but I’m open to any project, big or small.  If you are interested, contact me at:




Twitter: @LyndaWrites

Skype: lynda.lampert