What do I charge?

I always get asked what I charge, and that is dollar-163473_640certainly a loaded question.  When I tell people what I charge, I get the run around.  I get people who don’t want to pay what I ask for.  I am asked for discounts, to come down in price, to negotiate.  I don’t like to do this, but I have learned — the hard way — that negotiation is part of this career.

I charge what I am worth.  I am a nurse, an expert in both nursing and medicine.  I have five years of experience with writing medical and health articles, and I have the clips to prove it.  I’m still working to better myself, and I’m learning everyday how to be a better freelance writer.  In short, I have to say that you won’t find very many freelancers as competent or as specialized as I am.  You may find some with more experience, but I have a unique skill set with my background as a nurse.

In short, this is my job.  I charge what I need to charge because I am an expert, just like you.  In other domains, you would not tolerate being asked for a discount to do your work.

I don’t publish what a charge for a very good reason.  I just don’t know.  It depends on your project, your budget, and my schedule.  I do charge more if you need more words.  I charge more if you need them quickly.  I charge more for intensive research that I don’t know anything about.

I negotiate when I have to, but most of the time, I am not afraid to walk away.  Although I am always looking for clients, I do have a busy schedule.  Clients are always coming along somehow, and this makes it easier for me to negotiate for my price.

How much do I charge?  That depends on you.  I don’t work for free, and I don’t work for wages that would be much less than minimum wage.  I am easy to work with and flexible with pricing.  I’ve been known to throw in proofreading and edits for free.  I have been known to take rush work at a lesser price if I have the schedule room.

The point is that you have to ask.  I hate dealing with the money side of my job, but it is a necessary evil.  Once we are past that point, it is smooth sailing.  I look forward to hearing from you and giving you a quote.  Drop me a line at lynda.lampert@yahoo.com, and you may be surprised by how affordable I am for you if you are looking for quality.

3 Qualities of a Great Freelancer

As a freelance writer, I’ve seen my share of writers in the past five years.  office-620817_640I’ve talked to clients and editors who are impressed with my professionalism because not all freelancers are as dedicated to giving out a good product as I am.  What does it take to be a great freelance writer?  How can you know which one to choose out of the teeming masses vying for your hard earned dollars?  Read on for what you should be looking for.


You need to know if the freelancer you’ve chosen knows what she is talking about.  Of course, anyone can say that they are experts in one topic or another, but usually they will have clips that show that fact.  Clips should also come in the form of live links to ensure that the person has been published.  Don’t rule out someone starting out, though.  They may have life experience that can translate into great content.


You don’t want a freelancer who won’t meet her deadlines.  When something is due, you should expect to see the material in your inbox.  Hitting deadlines is an important part of choosing a freelancer, so you should give her time to prove herself.  If she can’t meet the deadlines you set, you may want to look elsewhere.  In addition, emails should be responded to promptly.  Some editors have had to chase freelancers to get their material.


Quality usually mean expense, and that is no different in freelancing.  You wouldn’t go to the cheapest doctor, and if your project means a great deal to you, you shouldn’t go with the cheapest freelancer, either.  Take a look at their clips.  Are they well written?  Do they make you want to read on?  Are they something that is above the stock posts you see on the internet?  If they are, you’ve found yourself a decent writer.  Be sure to negotiate for a price you both can appreciate, but don’t go for the lowest bidder.  You won’t get your money’s worth.

To work with a freelancer that meets all of these requirements, contact me at lynda.lampert@yahoo.com.