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This is a sample of my previous, most recent work.  Clips on specific topics are available on request, in addition to further examples of my work.  For more information, contact me at

Minority Nurse

Miss Colorado Kelley Johnson: A New Rallying Point for Nurses?

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Ausmed Nursing Blog

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How to Help New Grads: Why Nurses Must Stop Eating Their Young

Collaborating with Your Healthcare Colleagues

Communicating With Dying Patients

Communicating with a Patient’s Relatives

Presbyterian Home of Maryland Blog

Celebrating the Holidays with Your Loved One

Ten Helpful Tips for Diabetic Seniors

Family Traditions: Their Importance and How to Preserve Them

Celebrating Veteran’s Day with your Loved One

How often should I visit my loved one?

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Neuroaid Blog

Childhood Asthma


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